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I SYSA! Vocal Improvisation with Soul – Beginning Vocal Improvisation Class

with Debby Boland Watt

September 13th to October 18th, 2023

$315 More Info

This class meets weekly on Wednesdays from 5:00 - 6:30pm

I Sing Your Soul Alive! (Beginners) Vocal Improvisation Class

SYSA! I ~ is designed for singers of every vocal level who are interested in exploring improvisation within the comfort of a creative and safe environment.  Learning to improvise can be a journey of self discovery. Together we will unite our voices as instruments, creating spontaneous a cappella music. Musical forms such as call & response, hocketing, harmony & spoken word will enhance our songs as we pay special attention to our use of rhythm. Attentive listening and collaborative exercises will free your voice!   

For over 18 years, I've studied with Rhiannon who continues to perform and teach alongside Bobby McFerrin. Rhiannon's book, Vocal River, will be referenced often as I teach this class.  The next intermediate level of SYSA! II ~ will host Bobby McFerrin's Circle Singing techniques.  Please join us!

Please bring: a water bottle and a recording device (your phone will do)


Class has begun
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This is a 1-day workshop on Saturday from 10:00am - 1:00pm

In this class KPC Executive Director Jeff Lockhart shares from his 20 year experience in music business management and professional performance experience about  the inner working of managing the business and branding aspects of your musical endeavor.  

As the leader of a performing arts theater, gigging/touring drummer, music business professor, and founder and managing partner of Live Vinyl Productions LLC,  Jeff will share practical and pragmatic insights in this seminar style class that covers business structure basics for musicians.(accounting/banking/legal issues), branding/marketing strategies, customer service/retention strategies, concept launch and growth concepts and many more! If you’ve ever wanted to take your musical enterprise to the next level from a hobby to a business enterprise this class is for you!

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KPC Community Choir

with Ailisa Newhall

September 11th to October 16th, 2023

$99 More Info

Join at any time! This mixed ensemble (all voices from Bass to Soprano) meets once a week on Mondays from 7:00 - 8:30pm at the Kirkland Women's Club.

*Concert at Kirkland Performance Center on Tuesday, 10/24/23 at 7:00pm

Choir Description: The non-auditioned KPC Community Choir is for those who love to sing regardless of musical experience, ability, or what people have told them about their singing voice. As if you’re singing around the campfire with family and friends, we come to experience music together.

Class has begun
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II SYSA! Vocal Improvisation with Soul – Intermediate Vocal Improvisation Class

with Debby Boland Watt

September 13th to October 18th, 2023

$315 More Info

This class meets on Wednesdays from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

II Sing Your Soul Alive! (Intermediate) Vocal Improvisation Class

SYSA! II ~ will include both Vocal Improvisation and CircleSinging. Circle Singing is based on the musical influences of Bobby McFerrin and his Voicestra. Layered improvised parts draw from call and response, hocketing, vocal percussion, storytelling and free spirit improvisation. These incredibly complex pieces are composed on the spot! This class builds upon the exercises taught in the SYSA! I ~ beginners class and will include soloing and directing. 

Debby is the area's best-known Circle Singing teacher and Circle facilitator, according to the Seattle Times. After having worked with Bobby McFerrin, she regularly leads participants into the most beautiful music of their lives. We find our way into the music through collaboration and careful listening. By creating a safe environment for singers on every level we are able to come into a unity that nourishes our Souls. We will SING YOUR SOUL ALIVE!   I hope to see you there!

Please bring: a water bottle and a recording device (your phone will do!)


Class has begun
Box Office: 425.893.9900