Seats of Honor


Seated in the audience at Kirkland Performance Center, you may have noticed the brass plaque on the arm of your seat. The Seats of Honor sponsors who purchased these plaques played a key role in completing the Capital Campaign to establish KPC in 1998.

An honor that will last for generations!

KPC invites you to sponsor one of the few remaining Seats of Honor in this beautiful venue. The brass plate on your Seat of Honor can be a special way to celebrate:


  • Your children or grandchildren
  • The memory of a friend or family member
  • A small business or corporation
  • Your own passion for KPC and dedication to the arts


Available Seats of Honor

Builders Circle: $5000 Level: These seats are in rows D, E, and F, where the performers seem to be within arm's reach.

Performers Circle: $2000 Level: These seats are in rows K, L, and M, where KPC's outstanding acoustics are proudly on display.

 An Important & Lasting Impact

Sponsor your Seat of Honor with a gift of $5000 in the Builders Circle or $2000 in the Performers Circle today and you will provide critical funds for KPC's future. Proceeds from the Seats of Honor campaign will be allocated for two key initiatives:


  • 50% will be reserved for ongoing capital needs, including the replacement of critical sound, lighting and stage equipment.
  • 50% will be designated to KPC's Operating Reserve fund to help ensure the long-term financial stability of the organization.


So Please, Won't You be Seated?

Your tax-deductible gift may be paid today or in installments over a two-year period. Your company may also match your donation, and the matching gift will count toward your sponsorship level. Once your pledge is received, a brass plaque inscribed with the name(s) you select will be permanently affixed to your Seat(s) of Honor.

Please note that sponsoring a Seat of Honor does not ensure the availability of that seat for any performance. If you would like to purchase a Seat of Honor, please contact our Development Office by phone at (425) 828-0422 x 222.