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SIFF: Opening Night - Footnotes

SIFF opening night at KPC. A reception will precede the screening starting at 6:30 PM.

France | 2016 | 90 minutes | Kostia Testut

La La Land meets Norma Rae with a pinch of Jacques Demy in this toe-tapping working-class musical comedy with a social conscience about a young woman who gets her dream job at a luxury shoe factory, only to become enmeshed in a labor strike.

Social realism…

SIFF: Kakehashi - Portrait of Chef Nobuo Fukuda

Japan | 2017 | 46 minutes | Andrew Gooi

Rising from his job as an immigrant dishwasher at Benihana to a James Beard Award-winning chef, Nobuo Fukuda’s inspiring culinary journey was made possible by embracing kakehashi, the act of bridging the gap between his native Japanese cuisine and Western cooking.

Andrew Gooi’s Kakehashi is far from your typical culinary documentary. Sure, all the food is sumptuously photographed and the philosophies…

SIFF: Death in Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2016 | 85 minutes | Danis Tanovic

Academy Award®-winning director Danis Tanovic (No Man’s Land) tells a sprawling, multi-character narrative that travels from the basement to the penthouse of Sarajevo’s luxurious Hotel Europe as the staff prepare for a huge national celebration.

Hotel Europe is a luxury hotel in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Today, it is the commemoration center of the centennial of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s…

SIFF: Paris Prestige

France | 2016 | 106 minutes | Hame Bourokba

With a pulsing soundtrack and neon-drenched visuals, musicians-turned-filmmakers Hame and Ekoue dive into Paris’s vibrant nightlife scene to tell the story of two brothers with differing views of what the future should be for their family-owned bar.

Set in the iconic district of Pigalle in the heart of Paris, this directorial debut from former rap duo Hame Bourokba and…

SIFF: The Winter

Argentina | 2016 | 98 minutes | Emiliano Torres

An aging, resentful ranch foreman discovers that he is being replaced by a younger man, leading to a violent confrontation amid an unforgiving winter, in this visceral thriller whose award-winning cinematography strikingly captures the windswept wilds of Patagonia.

Knowing little of life other than the workings of a vast Patagonian sheep ranch, weathered foreman Evans (Alejandro Sieveking, The Club) has his world upended…

SIFF: Take Every Wave - The Life of Laird Hamilton

USA | 2017 | 117 minutes | Rory Kennedy

Take an exhilarating ride with big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton, a unique sports icon who has refused to compete professionally, whose life story unspools as he prepares for winter surf season on Kauai, where storm systems threaten to bring the biggest surf in decades.

What does it take to be the face of a worldwide phenomenon? How does one continue to measure up through…

SIFF: The Turkish Way

Spain | 2016 | 120 minutes | Luis Gonzalez

Internationally renowned restaurateurs the Roca Brothers, stars of last year’s scrumptious Cooking Up a Tribute, return for a tour through the diverse culinary cultures of Turkey, diving into the savory cuisine at the heart of one of the world’s major crossroads.

In an exuberant follow-up to last year’s scrumptious, globe-trotting documentary Cooking Up a Tribute, director Luis Gonzalez again…

SIFF: Zoology

Russia | 2016 | 87 minutes | Ivan I. Tverdovsky

After middle-aged introvert Natasha discovers a tail growing from the bottom of her spine it sparks a newfound femininity and hunger for life that leads her to a handsome X-ray technician in this whimsical, romantic tale of transformation.

Zoology is a wonderfully offbeat dramedy that centers on introverted, middle-aged Natasha (brilliantly played with conviction by relative newcomer Natalia Pavlenkova). She…

SIFF: Tea Pets

China | 2017 | 98 minutes | Wang Gary

Popping off the screen with vivacious colors and beautifully composed action sequences, a group of tea pets—cute clay figurines that are good-luck charms for tea drinkers—embark on a magical animated adventure to find a fabled mystic.

You’ve seen tea pets before—those cute little clay figures you find on trays next to your daily kettle of boiling refreshment. Pour tea…

SIFF: The Cage Fighter

USA | 2017 | 83 minutes | Jeff Unay

With a gripping, observational intimacy, director Jeff Unay examines the life of blue-collar Washington family man Joe Carman, who set aside his passion for mixed martial arts for the sake of his family but returns to the ring for one last bout in an effort to defeat his inner demons.

“The only time I feel like I have confidence in myself is when…

SIFF: The Landing

USA | 2016 | 86 minutes | Mark Dodson, David Dodson

Astronauts, scientists, and conspiracy theorists all weigh in on the 25th anniversary of the controversial end to NASA’s final mission to the moon, when the Apollo 18 space capsule landed in the Chinese desert—an event so mysterious that history has never even heard of it.

In 1973 the United States’ manned space program experienced an extraordinary tragedy—an event that…

SIFF: The Man

Denmark | 2017 | 94 minutes | Charlotte Sieling

World-famous artist Simon is the king of the Danish art scene, but his confidence is shaken when long-lost son Caspar reappears and begins to eclipse his father in Charlotte Sieling’s stylish and heartfelt story of learning to look past the male ego and let love rule.

Masculinity is becoming an increasingly vague concept, an idea Danish filmmaker Charlotte Sieling explores in…

ParentMap Film Screening - Angst: Breaking the Stigma Around Anxiety

Angst: Breaking the Stigma Around Anxiety is a documentary that looks at anxiety, its causes and effects, and what we can do about it. Angst will feature interviews with kids and young adults who suffer or have suffered from anxiety, and what they’ve learned. The film also includes experts charged with helping people manage their anxiety, and those who focus on researching its causes and sociological effects, while offering…


SRJO: Christian McBride with SRJO - The Art of the Bass

If you don’t know Christian McBride, prepare yourself for a new favorite jazz artist. Virtuoso bassist Christian McBride is a leading figure on today’s international jazz stage and a dominant contributor to the New York jazz scene, performing with such groups as Wynton Marsalis’ Jazz at Lincoln Center and the bands of Herbie Hancock, Sonny Rollins, and Chick Corea, plus his own fabulous trio that has repeatedly thrilled…

Hearing the Unheard: Finding the Voice in Caleb’s Crossing

Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks presents “Hearing the Unheard”, a discussion of history and voice in Caleb’s Crossing, her 2011 bestseller. Little is known about Caleb Cheeshahteaumauck, a Wampanoag Indian who graduated from Harvard in 1665. In the novel, however, he comes alive through the eyes of Bethia Mayfield, a minister’s daughter and Caleb’s unlike compatriot. Join us as Brooks discusses uncovering the voices of these two…

Persian Classical Music Performance by Saeed Farajpoory & Mojgan Shajarian

کنسرت موسیقی کلاسیک ایران

سعید فرج پوری آهنگساز و نوازنده چیره دست پرسابقه درعرصه موسیقی کلاسیک ایران با همراهی گروه خود نغمه های عاشقانه ودلنشینی از موسیقی کلاسیک ایرانی، با صدای مژگان شجریان سالن … در شهر سیاتل در تاریخ ۲۴ ژوئن ۲۰۱۷ به اجرا در می آورند.

Saeid Farajpouri, Iranian well known artist together with his group (Melodies of love from Iranian classic music) and Mojgan Shajarian, are performing at Kirkland performance theater June 24th. 2017.

این اجرا شامل دو بخش می باشد:

بخش اول در دستگاه نوا و مایه دشتی  با اشعاری از شاعران نامی ایران، فریدون مشیری، اوهدی مراغه ای، و علی آذرشاهی به آهنگسازی سعید فرجپوری بوده و بخش دوم در دستگاه ماهور می باشد که در آن تصانیفی دلنشینی از هنرمندان معاصر و قدیم ایران به اجرا در خواهد آمد تا یادآور خاطرات آهنگین زیبای روزگاران گذشته ایرانزمین باشد.

اشعار این بخش از شاعران به نامی چون حافظ، باباطاهر، ملک الشعرای بهار و غلامرضا رئیس به آهنگسازی حسن یوسف زمانی، جهانگیر مراد، درویش خان ومحمدرضا شجریان می باشد.

Part One:

Nava Dastgah and Dashti gosheh.

Poets: Fereidoon Moshiri, Ohadi Maraghei and Ali Azarshahi.

Music Producer: Saeid Farajpouri

Part Two:

Mahoor Dasgah with poems from well known Iranian poets as we fly through the history and memorable Iranian melodies.


Box Office: 425.893.9900