KPC's ArtStage Gallery allows local, regional and national visual artists to share their work with KPC's audience and the eastside community.   ArtStage Gallery is a partnership with Kirkland Arts Center and local artists. KPC's Lobby Gallery is open during box office hours, Tuesday – Saturday from 12 PM to 6 PM and during performances.


2014-2015 artstage exhibits

november - january ARTSTAGE EXHiBIT: Anne Simernitski: Expression of Abstraction  


Anne Simernitski is a French native abstract expressionist painter with Asian influences, who uses a unique combination of rice and silk paper combine with acrylic and metallic paint. The paintings are created by soaking, gluing, layering, peeling, and rubbing these materials together.

Anne Simernitski studied at the Louvre Museum School, Paris, France and later moved on to the Sorbonne Nouvelle University where she earned her BA in History of Art. She moved to the US in 2000 and is currently working as a full time artist in her Kirkland studio.

Anne Simernitski has been part of numerous group exhibitions which produced favorable regional press. She also has a number of private collectors throughout the Northwest, France and Singapore.  In partnership with the Kirkland Arts Center.




september / october ARTSTAGE EXHiBIT: youth in focus

Free Artist Opening on Friday, September 5, 2014 from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Youth in Focus is an innovative and unique program, whose mission is to empower urban youth, through photography, to experience their world in new ways and to make positive choices for their lives.  For 20 years, they have provided a high-quality, nationally recognized youth development program that uses photography to help at-risk youth build skills that give them the confidence and self-worth to challenge barriers to a positive life.  Photographs in the exhibit are examples of student work from black and white film and digital classes.



June/july ARTSTAGE EXHiBIT: Northwest Life – Land | City ScapeS

Free Artist Reception on Friday, June 6, 2014 from 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Northwest Life – Land | City Scapes showcases the Pacific Northwest through landscapes and cityscapes. The works celebrate the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest landscapes and the contrasting vibrancy and verve of the architectural beauty of the Pacific Northwest city life with its melting pot of various cultures and ethnicities. Curated by Savita Krishnamoorthy and Deepti Shanka. 



Melissa Dyanne Bartlett is an American artist who lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She received her BFA from the University of Washington in Seattle, and her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Melissa has exhibited in multiple venues across the United States.






Cee Lambert is an artist from the Seattle area of the great Pacific Northwest specializes in seascape and landscape portraits of this beautiful area, as well as elegant floral work and vibrant, colorful still life. 



Deb McCarroll has been painting and exhibiting in Seattle since 1989. Her vibrant, acrylic works on canvas and wood panel frequently utilize gold, silver, and copper leafs. The leafs are then selectively treated with acidic polymers, causing oxidation. McCarroll has exhibited nationally and her work is featured in numerous private collections.







Katarina Reka is an oil painter and collage artist who makes whimsical fine art paintings primarily featuring her interests, including: The Pacific Northwest, hippos, dinos, battleships and bats. She is also an Art teacher for the Art For Kids School and Kidsco. She has a BA in Art and Anthropology from Central Washington University, and now works and shows in the Seattle area.







Phil Rodriguez is a Northwest artist who works in multiple mediums. He was born in Manila where he received his formal art education and where he worked as a fine artist, printer, typographer, and graphic artist.  A long time Kirkland resident, his art has been shown in local art venues including Kirkland Art Center, Bellevue Arts Fair, and Bumbershoot Visual Art Exhibit




Carina del Rosario uses photography, digital media and visual art to explore the desire for community, for being part of something larger than oneself, and also the pull of solitude, for shrugging off ties that tangle and constrain. She captures people’s lives unfolding or reflecting on the evidence they leave behind. Born in the Philippines, Carina immigrated to the United States at age 6 and earned a B.A. in Communication from Santa Clara University in 1991.



Savita Krishnamoorthy holds a Masters degree in History of Art from the College of Fine Arts, Bangalore, India and is a graduate of the University of Washington’s Museum Studies Program. She was an art docent for the National Gallery of Canada Ottawa, been a Curator/Director at a Seattle gallery and has designed art curriculum and taught art and art appreciation in schools, in the US, Canada and India.

Deepti Shankar studied at the art institute of Chicago. She has taught art history and has experience in teaching art to children. Deepti started Earthentree, working with artisan community in India designing handmade wooden toys. She has also worked as a curator. Her 2 girls aged 8, and 4 have inspired her to channel children’s creative journey.



About the Artist: Stacy Mehlberg grew up in New Jersey, went to school in Virginia, and received her Master's degree from the Art Institute of Chicago. She has been painting with watercolors since 1997 in between a busy schedule raising her three children and her 13 year career as an art therapist for children with special needs. Now Stacy has decided to stay home to try painting full time. This is the first official exhibition of her work. Inspired by pretty things and the work of Georgia O'Keefe, Stacy thinks watercolors provide an excellent medium to be playful, explore new techniques, and capture the beauty all around us.

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About the Exhibit: The Yavanika exhibit is paired with a performance of the same name by Arpan, a performing arts organization that is dedicated to the promotion of the Classical & Folk traditions of India. Yavanika is a contemporary dance work about human perspectives, conveyed through the story of two women. “Two women. Two lives. Two perspectives molding into a world view created by society, friends, family. Two women navigating the maze of life. Colored glasses or self-drawn veils? Veil of choice or veil imposed? Life’s challenges explored through live, vibrant, pulsating maze.” Visit Yavanika's page to learn more about the project's concept, synopsis, and the main characters. 



About the Artist: Shahana Dattagupta uses brush and color to tell stories, move energy and inspire herself and the world. She also uses writing, music and theater to do the same things. She coaches creativity in individuals, groups and organizations with the knowing that creativity is the physical expression of our original nature of Love.




About the Artist: My artwork is a visual mystical evocation of my inner feminine spirit. Each piece has a unique, intricate and special story to tell. These creations birth through an intuitive meditative process. The images, colors and messages that emerge through this process create a visual story that is a deeply empowering piece of artistic and insightful energetic signature.






About the Artist: Melissa Dyanne Bartlett is an American artist who lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She received her BFA from the University of Washington in Seattle, and her MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. Melissa has exhibited in multiple venues across the United States.






About the Artist: I like to render subjects in their element to capture a gamut of qualities, from grace to ferocity, from peace to passion. Whether abstract or otherwise, each of my works tells a story. As a humanist, my goal is always to find release for human emotions, and cerebral as well as spiritual energies through art.






About the Artist: I feel texture, subject and context are essential to my development.  Creating a sense of place is paramount to our connection to the living community.  I currently find my home on Camano Island, where my livelihood has provided vast opportunities to expand my knowledge of local flora and fauna and has created a deeper sense of place- a sense of home.





About the Artist: I am a third generation artist - born and educated in England, and I now live on the Eastside of Seattle. I court contrast and contradiction in my work and I am excited by the application of the paint, the texture, raw materials, the surface, thick to thin, line, hard edge, dry brush, pallet knife, scrapping and scratching, embedded materials, awkward mark making, gesture and tension.






About the Artist: My work is about escaping and vanishing. I illustrate these ideas through exploring the relationship of birds and cages. The birds are outlines, shadows or silhouettes without features that may identify them to the earthbound viewer. I use monoprint techniques with an emphasis on layering the backgrounds with dyes and modified inks.


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About the Artist: Andy Musser is an illustrator/animator who loves to write stories and draw silly pictures. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, having studied both illustration and animation. Andy lives near Seattle where he works with a variety of companies as a freelancer. When not making art, Andy enjoys good books, ukuleles, coffee shops, Cosby sweaters, and the beach.




About the Artist: I am a landscape painter working in acrylic and photograph collage. My fascination with altering landscapes started at a young age growing up in Texas. Gazing at expansive horizons and big skies, I imagined mountains not yet seen in person. Paintings in my Seattle studio spring from snapshots and conjure my wishes with things imagined on the horizon.  My work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions including the Be A Saint group show at the Sylvia White (California) gallery in 2013. I am published in Washington Trails and Independent Rowing News magazines. I graduated from the University of Oregon Summa Cum-Laude with a B.A. in Studio Art and a B.F.A. in Painting in 2003. I can be found spending most mornings rowing on Lake Washington in Seattle witnessing sunrises over the Cascades.



About the Artist: I am a painter based in Seattle, WA. Being a very visual person, I view art as a means of giving ideas and events a physical form, a form that lives and speaks, long after the ideas are transformed and the events forgotten, through life's many meanderings. I also enjoy capturing subjects in various moods, through pastels and paint, and this has added some photo-realistic works to my repertoire, a collection of portraits done from photographs, and modified somewhat to produce my rendition of the personae. As a painter, I consider my job to be to help people connect with truths within and without through art. Rather than art being for its own sake, I take the position that art's purpose and value are realized in the universe of the creator and the engaged patron.