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Evan Flory-Barnes: Acknowledgement of a Celebration

  • Saturday, October 22, 2011, 8:00PM

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Artist Sponsors:The Boeing Company, Jeff & Debra Twersky, Michael W. & Jo Ellen Ward

As part of the 2011 Earshot Jazz Festival, Seattle bassist and composer Evan Flory Barnes presents Acknowledgement of a Celebration, a large-ensemble fusion of jazz, hip-hop, and classical music, complete with modern and freestyle break-dancers. 

A standout in Seattle’s jazz scene, Flory-Barnes’ acoustic double bass skills, a combination of improvisation and classical training, have been featured in collaborations ranging from Brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto to hip-hop band Maroon Colony. 

Commissioned as part of a national series of works from Meet the Composer’s Commissioning Music/USA program, Acknowledgement of a Celebration is performed as a nine-movement orchestral cycle with 35 musicians and 10 dancers.  

Artist Bio

Evan Flory-Barnes, bass player, composer, barista, “mayor of the U District”, envisions and lives the creation of a community of musicians and other artists brought together by excitement, collaboration, and a spirit of well-being, known as New Seattle. Evan is known for his buoyant swing, cold grooves, blistering solos and inventive bow playing. He performs regularly with groups in all genres, including the Marc Seales Quintet, Joveno Santos Neto, Correo Aereo, Jason Parker Quartet, Choklate, and Scandalmonger.