Kirkland Performance Center presents...

An Acoustic Evening with Medeski, Martin & Wood

  • Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 7:30PM
  • New Booking

All Seats: $40



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VIP TICKETS: $75. Include premier seating and an invitation to watch sound check and participate in a brief Q&A prior to the public performance. Call 425.893.9900 to purchase. Limited quantites available.

Progressive keyboard trio Medeski Martin & Wood launch the West Coast portion of their second-ever all-acoustic tour at KPC. Touring in support of their 2012 live acoustic album Free Magic, pianist, John Medeski explains that performing acoustic is “…softer, so it requires a different kind of listening for both us and the audience, so it takes you into a completely different space. It tends to be less focused on the groove that so many people associate with us. We're excited. For us, these acoustic tours are just a treat. It's refreshing to be in that situation because it forces people to listen harder and when the people are actually listening and not off in their own party world there's a different kind of journey we can go on musically.”


Artist Bio

Wide open: That’s the phrase John Medeski uses to describe his bandmates’ musical sensibilities, the attitude he seeks in himself, and the spirit of musical adventure that Medeski Martin & Wood have pursued for two decades.

The trio’s amalgam of jazz, funk, “avant-noise” and a million other musical currents and impulses is nearly impossible to classify, which is just how they like it. Medeski’s keyboard excursions, Chris Wood’s hard-charging bass lines and Billy Martin’s supple, danceable beats have come to resemble a single organism, moving gracefully between genre-defying compositions and expansive improvisation atop a relentless groove.

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