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Guitar Republic

  • Friday, March 2, 2012, 7:30PM

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Italy's three most successful solo guitarists unite to explore new musical territory. Pino Forastiere, Stefano Barone and Sergio Altamura slam, bang, and pluck their instruments like no other guitarists can, creating concert experiences that have been praised the world over.

Artist Bio

Pino Forastiere

Ex-classical guitarist (a true virtuoso with 6- and 10-string classical guitar), ten years ago Pino decided to abandon the academy and change his musical life, turning to the steel-string guitar. Elegant and generous on the stage, Pino is an incredible performer, enchanting his audiences with compositions that represent the noblest part of the acoustic guitar scene. His discography includes, among others, three solo albums and a live DVD/CD (CandyRat Records, 2009) recorded during an inspired session.

Stefano Barone

His debut album Particolare Uno (CandyRat Records, 2009) has been immediately acclaimed by fans on YouTube and honored by prestigious guitar magazines with rave reviews. His work is fresh, capturing his youthful exuberance, but also extremely mature and original. It is a brave venturing-forth that looks at the future of the new acoustic guitar — the music of the 21st century. Great energy in an unforgettable performance.

Sergio Altamura

In a career which began as a member of a rock band 15 years ago, Sergio has experimented with almost every genre of guitar. His first solo guitar album “Blu” was produced by Will Ackerman in 2004; his new solo project, “Aria Meccanica” (released by CandyRat Records in 2009) is a conceptual work — a fascinating trip into all the sonorities possible to create on the guitar.


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