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Imagination Theater - November

  • Monday, November 21, 2011, 7:30PM

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Want to kick off the Holiday season with a great treat? Then come on out and be a part of the audience as Jim French with members of his nationally renowned acting company record their annual Christmas Harry Nile and Sherlock Holmes episodes.

On the schedule for this year:

It’s December 20th 1941, just 13 days after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaii and five days before America’s first wartime Christmas since 1917. Harry Nile has tried to enlist in every branch of the service. Nobody wants him, flat feet. So, for now he has to settle for being an onlooker as the U. S. gears up for war. His detective agency is still going though, and Harry has a new client who appears to have a bad case of “can’t keep-his-mouth-shut-about-secret-government-workitis” and perhaps a cheating wife. Learn why Harry agrees to take on a domestic case (he hates them) and just what important historic event his client’s loose lips could jeopardize in War Comes to Harry Nile Chapter 11, “Secret Mission.”

Following Harry, John Patrick Lowrie and Lawrence Albert return as America’s longest running audio Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in the 102nd episode of The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, “The Three Deaths of Eramus Crow.” This story is set just before the events set forth in Watson’s story called “The Adventure of the Invisible Man.” Once again we meet the good doctor’s third wife Kate and once again there’s a murder only this time Watson knew the victim. He pronounced him dead three months earlier and now he’s died again? You’ll want to be there to find out how.

Let Sherlock Holmes and Harry Nile share an early Christmas present with you and yours!


Artist Bio

Born in Seattle in 1929, Jim French has written, directed, and produced radio dramas for listeners since 1965.

Jim French Productions produces Imagination Theatre--American radio's premiere drama series, now heard coast to coast on well over a hundred radio stations in North America and by satellite on XM Radio. These hour-long weekly broadcasts feature mystery, suspense, fantasy and adventure, produced before live audiences on a state-of-the-art recording stage. 

Check this link for stations and broadcast times.

Jim French was born in 1929 in Seattle, USA. At the age of eight he knew he wanted to be a radio announcer. During WWII Jim got a job as an announcer on a radio station called KPAS. He entered the Army a few years later and, after being sent to Japan with other troops, was assigned to an Armed Forces Radio Service where he started writing weekly radio shows.

In 1948, he returned to Seattle where he wrote more radio dramas, including the famous "Harry Nile" series and "The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes".

Having written and performed hundreds of radio shows, Jim's unique, booming voice caught the attention of Valve, a video game developer. Gamers can hear his voice in Valve's Half-Life 2, in which he voiced Father Grigori and in Left 4 Dead, also by Valve, in which he voiced Bill. Jim is still a Seattle-based radio presenter today and has most recently voiced the Elder Titan in Valve's Dota 2.

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