Meet Our Executive Director: Jeff Lockhart

“KPC is striving to continually improve. Along with our foundational programming, we are discovering a new role in our community. KPC is excited to be learning new ways to engage our community by initiating opportunities that connect communities and individuals through creative expression together. Not just for entertainment…but as a holistic part of life.” – Jeff Lockhart

KPC’s Executive Director, Jeff Lockhart, is a rockstar in education and organizational leadership experience, and he possesses a rockstar mentality and attitude when it comes to life…including when it comes to leading the KPC team.  He’s super passionate about music and the arts, is down-to-earth, and is honored to work alongside the creative people who make KPC happen every day. One of the highlights of his tenure at KPC has been spearheading the initiative of KPC Studios with our KPC Studios Director,  Aaron Sternke. Jeff and Aaron launched this endeavor during the pandemic to keep people connected to the arts during the shutdown, which not only resulted in the continuation of KPC during the shutdowns but ultimately laid the foundation for the new outreach and education work coming from KPC going forward.

Keen insight and the ability to execute well don’t happen overnight. They come with hard-earned experience and 25+ years in the music industry. Before joining KPC Jeff served as Executive Director, Professor, and founder of Creatio Institute at Northwest University and developed and launched two fully accredited B.A. degrees, as well as implemented music industry-level recording studios, (and earned an MBA along the way). His experience is invaluable and we’re grateful he also teaches Music Business 101 as part of our KPC Studios Education series.

Jeff founded and currently leads music performance/artist management/event production collective Live Vinyl Productions LLC. Through Live Vinyl he co-founded, manages, and plays drums in Good Day Sunshine, Laurel Canyon Legacy, Analog Catalog, and Long Live Rock. He also records drums for original music by local musicians as well as occasionally performing with several other Seattle area bands. For over a decade he promoted, co-founded/managed, and played drums in Creme Tangerine. He’s honored these bands have performed (…and often sold out!) at KPC.  Get tickets to see Laurel Canyon Legacy at KPC coming up next month!

With all of Jeff’s accomplishments and enthusiasm for what he does, nothing makes his heart beat more than his family (from L to R… Jeff, Ethan, Andrea, Olivia). Married to Andrea for 33 years, they have lived in Western WA for most of their lives. Andrea is also responsible for the beautiful interior design of KPC Studios, and each year the KPC gala décor. Olivia and Ethan also helped with the Studio remodel and installation, (at your next visit to KPC Studios you can see Olivia’s rad hand-painted upstairs lounge mural!)

Meet Our Advancement Director: Matt Woll

Matt’s Motto: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”
– Tim Notke

What is an Advancement Director? Someone who oversees anything that moves the organization FORWARD. Think: Marketing and Fundraising. With a dynamic blend of strategic fundraising expertise and a passion for the performing arts, our hard-working (and talented) Matt has successfully led initiatives that have significantly enhanced KPC’s financial sustainability and community engagement. His proficiency in cultivating donor relationships, executing successful fundraising campaigns, and implementing innovative outreach programs has played a pivotal role in advancing the KPC’s mission. Matt’s leadership has not only resulted in increased philanthropic support but has also fostered a vibrant and inclusive cultural community. His commitment to excellence and his ability to align fundraising efforts with the artistic vision of the Kirkland Performance Center make him a valuable asset in driving the organization’s continued success.

Matt joins KPC with 25+ years in nonprofit executive leadership roles. He’s WA State born and raised!  Graduated Snohomish High School; has a B.A. in Psychology of Human Development, with a Minor in Audio Engineering, another Minor in Spanish, and is continuing his education at the Lilley School of Philanthropy at Indiana University.

Matt has ALWAYS been involved with music, and enjoys performing professionally and recreationally. He’s spent 25+ years in live music performance and audio production, including founding bands such as Petty Differences, and most currently, The West Coast Feed.

Matt’s a family guy. When he’s not racing around for KPC or rockin’ out with The West Coast Feed, you’ll find him with his wife, Wendy, and their kids Cooper and Ava. Matt and Wendy have traveled to Africa twice to assist with safe water development work. Their son, Cooper, is 21, and helps Dad out with changing the KPC marquee (that’s at least a 2-man job)! Daughter Ava,17, is Cheer Captain at Bellevue HS and will graduate this year!

Matt has a strong commitment to family, and community wellness and vibrancy. Understanding the role The Arts play in that health and vibrancy stems from his family life and how music has positively impacted him. KPC is proud to have him cultivating the vision, and leading the Advancement Team!