Grupo Sonhus Teatro Ritual

November 28, 2018 in

Actor, singer, director, producer and theatre teacher, Nando Rocha is one of the founders of the Teatro Ritual Group, graduated in performing arts and post-graduated as Master in theatre both by the Federal University of Brazil. Published the book “The Ritual of the Actor in Group – The Training of Actors as Collective Culture”. His experience as an actor begins in a self-taught way, reading theories and practicing theater on stage, learning in front of the public, even studying with the director and other masters in his country in other countries where he has been expanding his references and sources. From there he did not stop researching and investing in his training. On trips for at least 30 different cities in Brazil and then in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Japan, USA, Colombia and Argentina attended workshops and advisors with great Masters and continues to maintain Exchanges and participating in courses and workshops. He was a professor of theater for 20 years, ministered several courses, workshops and projects of spectacle Assembly, in addition to collecting several awards in his artistic career. Today he serves as director of the Sonhus Group Ritual Theatre and the Sonhus Space (headquarters of the group in Brazil).

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