Les Stroud

July 25, 2017 in

As a filmmaker, Les Stroud re-defined television by single handedly creating an entire new TV genre known as survival TV, with his hit series Survivorman. As a musician he is poised and ready to re-define the purpose of music with an entirely new genre of music; Earth Music. Under his label Mother Earth Music, Stroud has crafted a new sound, a lyrical intent and a deeply motivated conscientious form of music to inspire all people to fall back in love with the natural world. To motivate people to get back outside, re-connect with nature and thusly protect the wild planet we still have left. Like his film making success, his artistic passion comes from an altruistic baseline. That baseline is nature. It’s about a message. A pure message that a collective consciousness aimed at protecting the earth can happen now. A message that this new musical force; Earth Music, can and will bring about real change in peoples attitudes and actions towards the planet.

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