Volunteers Play a Vital Role

May 31, 2016 in KPC, Volunteers

_MG_6344Non-profits run on the generosity of volunteers, and Kirkland Performance Center is no exception. KPC has nine full time employees who are here every day curating the season, selling tickets, and doing all the behind the scenes work. While our workforce can lay out the blueprints for something amazing, it is the volunteer staff facilitating experiences that make performances truly memorable. They are the ones who greet you at the door, take your ticket, show you to your seat, and even those who find the umbrella you accidentally left behind. Our volunteers play a vital role in the experiences our patrons have at performances.

KPC volunteers are dedicated to our organization, and many have been volunteering here for years. We could not be the organization we are, without these amazing community members who donate their time. They are always willing to help, from ushering at shows, to even helping pass out KPC post cards at the farmers market. If it is a way to help KPC, our volunteer force is happy to get involved.

We asked one of our valued members of our volunteer family, Mary K., to give a little bit of her experience here at KPC. Here is her response:
“I’ve gotten to see a lot of performers I’m familiar with, but it’s also great to help out with a show where I don’t know a lot about the artist. It’s a whole new world every time you come in. I’ve also met a lot of great people and think it’s good that [KPC is] a resource for people to get out in the community. I used to volunteer with a couple of different organizations. They were all great in their own way but I enjoy the flexibility of KPC. You get to look at your schedule and plug in where you’re needed.  Plus it’s nice how [KPC] shows their appreciation for us with our annual volunteer potluck and party. I volunteered at KPC when [the theater] first opened, but I was working two jobs back then. [The organization has] changed a lot, especially in the last year with Jeff [Lockhart as Executive Director, it’s changed] for the better! The organization has found the right people who care about what they do and it shows.”

Thank you to all past and present KPC volunteers, we could not do it without you!

If you are interested in donating your time to KPC, please email our House Manager, Beth Binion – beth@kpcenter.org

Box Office: 425.893.9900