What Makes KPC So Special?

February 15, 2018 in Events, KPC

In the Seattle area, we are blessed to have a wide variety of options available when choosing a night of entertainment. Most first-time visitors to Kirkland Performance Center have enjoyed arts performances at a range of local venues before their inaugural trip to Kirkland.  We love hearing the accolades as they leave the theater!

What is it that makes KPC so special? We could go on and on regarding why WE feel it’s so special, but let’s “hear” instead from some of KPC’s patrons who have responded to the feedback request in our post-show email:

“This has been the best season yet – good selection of all types of entertainment.”

“We love KPC! It’s the perfect small community theater and always has great shows.”

“I like the concessions. Ability to drink in the theatre really seems to please people. I support KPC as much as I can especially since I don’t want to drive to Seattle for all live entertainment.”

“The small venue is great as there is not a bad seat in the house.”

“This was our first time at KPC and we had the best experience! We felt so welcome and enjoyed the VIP get together!”

Our mission at KPC is to provide a gathering place where people come together to express themselves creatively, exchange ideas, share culture, and connect with one another. We strive every day to deliver the best entertainment experience to our guests.

Beyond our venue and the shows themselves, we also believe that our Kirkland location contributes greatly to the evening’s experience. Kirkland offers free parking within a short walking distance from KPC, as well as two dozen restaurants from which to choose within a 3-block walk from here for your pre- or post-show dining.

As you consider entertainment options in the area, think about what makes it special for YOU. We hope the experience delivered by Kirkland and KPC matches that list. We’d love to hear from you regarding the key to a great night out on the town.

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