KPC Awarded Budget from State

April 23, 2018 in Development, KPC, Uncategorized

Each year, the State of Washington Capital Budget Committee approves money for use by municipalities on repair of public buildings or for infrastructure projects for non-profit organizations serving those cities. KPC, our artists, and audiences are deeply grateful to legislators in the State of Washington for recently allocating $500,000 from this budget to be used toward replacing the KPC roof, renovating lobby and concession area, and upgrading our lighting system. These updates will take place during our 20th year of serving the Kirkland community as non-profit gathering place for our community where people can come together to express themselves creatively, exchange ideas, share culture, and connect with one another.

KPC would like to extend our special thanks to Senator Patty Kuderer, representing us in the 48th District, and to The City of Kirkland, and the Kirkland City Council for advocating on KPC’s behalf for these funds. Their leadership is deeply appreciated, as these upgrades will enhance the performances of the artists and cultural groups who use our facilities as well as improving the experience for the 84,000 KPC audience members who come to downtown Kirkland each year.

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