Songwriting 101 for Youth

with Ailisa Newhall

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*no class 6/7*

We will have an optional performance on Friday, 6/30 @ 5:00pm

Have you ever wanted to write a song but didn’t know where to start...or have you started many songs but don’t know how to finish them? We’ve got you! Jump into songwriting 101 and you’ll come out with a finished song, a professional audio recording, and an opportunity to perform your song on the KPC stage (if you want)! No previous music experience necessary. 

Course Description: This class takes participants on a guided journey through the songwriting process with the help of professional songwriters and guest artists. Learn about their methods as you discover yours. We’ll explore and dissect various song forms, instrumentation, and lyric content. We’ll try different writing prompts and offer tips and tricks to get over blocks and doubts as well as learn about posting on various online platforms, streaming, publishing, and social media.

Each person brings a story, life experience, and value to their craft. In this safe and supportive environment, we’ll have the opportunity for reflection, feedback, recording, and performance.

Each participant will leave the class with a professionally recorded and mixed track as well as the opportunity to perform your song live (not required).

KPC Studios

636 7th Ave
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May 24th to June 28th, 2023
Wed for 6 weeks from 5:00 - 6:30 pm
Box Office: 425.893.9900