KPC Community Choir sings ABBA!

Join at any time! This mixed ensemble (all voices from Bass to Soprano) meets once a week on TUESDAYS from 7:00 – 8:30pm at the Life Community Church 232 5th Ave S, Kirkland, WA. We’ll wrap up with a concert on Wednesday 5/29 at 7:00pm at Kirkland Performance Center!

Choir Description: The non-auditioned KPC Community Choir is for those who love to sing regardless of musical experience, ability, or what people have told them about their singing voice. As if you’re singing around the campfire with family and friends, we come to experience music together.


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Open Mic Night for Songwriters

Host: Aaron Sternke

Cost: FREE

Wednesday, May 8, 2024, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Come join us in the live room at KPC Studios for our monthly open mic night!

This event aims to inspire songwriters to showcase either a fresh composition or revisit an old favorite for a new audience. It’s an opportunity to forge connections, make friends, and provide mutual support as both musicians and humans. All ages, experience, and abilities welcome.


Open Mic Night for Songwriters: REGISTER (waiting list)

Summer Rock Band Experience!

with Mike Mattingly


Open to ages 16 and up

Join a KPC Rock Band – a musical journey where passion meets power! Dive into rehearsals, learn from pros, and get one-on-one coaching. Whether on guitar, bass, drums, or keys, immerse in a collaborative experience. Conclude with a live performance at Kirkland Performance Center on Thursday, July 18th, forging lifelong connections. Beyond notes, it’s your week in the heart of music!

All levels welcome!

**PLEASE NOTE** The FRIDAY rehearsal times are from 6pm – 9pm. The Saturday & Sunday rehearsal times are from 10-4 with an hour for lunch each day.


Beginning Accordion Camp

with Jamie Maschler

Cost: $480

Saturday, July 20 & Sunday, July 21, 10:00AM – 4:00PM

Dive into the fundamentals of accordion playing through interactive workshops led by seasoned instructors, learning basic techniques and familiarizing yourself with this iconic instrument’s rich history. Join fellow music lovers in a supportive and encouraging environment, as you cultivate your passion for the accordion and pave the way for your musical aspirations to flourish.


Home Recording 101

with Aaron Sternke

Cost: $560

March 6 – April 24, 2024 at 6:30 pm, runs for 8 weeks

Ages: High School through Adult

Unlock the world of audio creativity with Home Recording 101! This hands-on course is designed for aspiring musicians, content creators, podcasters, voice artists, audiobook narrators, and all audio enthusiasts eager to establish their own recording space. Dive into the fundamentals of home recording, from setting up your studio space to selecting essential equipment and understanding the intricacies of audio production.

Throughout the course, you’ll gain practical insights into recording techniques, microphone placement, and signal processing. Learn to navigate recording software confidently and unleash your artistic potential through editing, mixing, and mastering. From capturing pristine vocals to crafting polished instrumentals, Home Recording 101 equips you with the skills to bring your musical ideas to life.

Whether you’re a singer-songwriter, podcaster, or sound enthusiast, this course empowers you to create professional-quality recordings from the comfort of your home. Join us for a comprehensive journey into the exciting realm of home recording, where creativity knows no bounds. No prior recording experience required – just your passion for sound and a desire to elevate your audio production skills!

(Registration closed: Class in process!)

Interested in future sessions? Email!

Group Voice Lesson & Harmony Singing

with Emily Persha

Cost: $210

Mid-Winter Session: Mar 4 – Apr 8th2024
Meets on Mondays for 6 weeks from 5:30 – 6:30 pm

Discover the joy of harmonizing and refining your vocal skills in our Group Voice Lesson and Harmony Singing class! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced singer, this class offers a supportive and collaborative environment to explore the art of harmonizing with others. Learn essential vocal techniques, build confidence in your singing abilities, and experience the magic of creating beautiful harmonies together.

Join us for a fun and enriching musical journey that celebrates the power of collective voices. No prior experience necessary – just bring your passion for singing and a willingness to harmonize!

(Registration closed: Class in process!)

Interested in future sessions? Email!

Songwriting 101

with Emily Persha

Cost: $210

Mid-Winter Session: Mar 4 – Apr 8th2024
Meets on Mondays for 6 weeks from 7:00-8:30 pm

This class takes participants on a guided journey through the songwriting process with the help of professional songwriters and guest artists. In conjunction with “The Bushwick Book Club” you will have the opportunity to write a song inspired by your favorite book or story! Learn about different songwriting methods as you discover yours. We’ll explore and dissect various song forms, instrumentation, and lyric content. We’ll try different writing prompts and offer tips and tricks to get over blocks and doubts.

Each person brings a story, life experience, and value to their craft. In this safe and supportive environment, we’ll have the opportunity for reflection, feedback, and performance. We look forward to creating with you!

We will have the opportunity to record your song in our state of the art, newly finished recording studio. We will have conversations around working in a studio, prepping your song for recording, and arranging your song for a band.

(Registration closed: Class in process!)

Interested in future sessions? Email!