Music Business Courses

Equally important to musical + creative mastery is the business side of the music industry. Whether you’re a casual beginner or a seasoned veteran, explore these courses to maximize your creative opportunities.

Music Business 101

with Jeff Lockhart

Cost: $40

This is a 1-day workshop on Saturday Oct 21, 2023 from 10:00am – 1:00pm.

Music Business 101: Understanding the Business/Management Side Of Your Music Endeavor: In this class KPC Executive Director Jeff Lockhart shares from his 20 year experience in music business management and professional performance experience about  the inner working of managing the business and branding aspects of your musical endeavor.  As the leader of a performing arts theater, gigging/touring drummer, music business professor, and founder and managing partner of Live Vinyl Productions LLC,  Jeff will share practical and pragmatic insights in this seminar style class that covers business structure basics for musicians.(accounting/banking/legal issues), branding/marketing strategies, customer service/retention strategies, concept launch and growth concepts and many more! If you’ve ever wanted to take your musical enterprise to the next level from a hobby to a business enterprise this class is for you!