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All The Best: Marathi Comedy Play – CANCELED

  • Sunday, April 16, 2017 3:00PM


This event has been canceled.

This is the v1 cast of the play which helped these artists launch their careers and made them superstars of Marathi Film Industry. The essence of the play is in the perfect sense of timing of these actors and seamless coordination among them. Three roommates – one of them blind, another deaf and the third a mute all fall for the same lady, none knowing that the other two of them also are in love with her. Each of them thinks that she doesn’t know about his physical shortcomings and tries to hide it so that it doesn’t become a deal breaker.

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Seattle Maharashtra Mandal is a non-profit charitable organization (501(c)(3)) serving the Greater Seattle population. Our mission is to promote the Maharashtrian cultural and religious ties within the community, to promote events and activities that help maintain the cultural heritage of Maharashtra, a western state in India. We also invest back in the community by hosting charity events.

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