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Ganesh Kumaresh 50 Live in Concert

  • Sunday, April 9, 2023 4:00 PM

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The world renowned Violin Maestros and brothers duo Ganesh and Kumaresh are a much honored and widely traveled musical team who have made inspirational and exhilarating forays into world music teaming up with such luminaries as Ustad Zakir Hussain, John Mclaughin, Vikku Vinayakaram, A R Rehman, George Brooks and many more. This concert marks the 50th anniversary of Ganesh Kumaresh performing together and would be accompanied by two talented artists – K U Jayachandra Rao and Trichy Krishnaswamy playing the ancient Indian percussion instruments Mridangam and Ghatam respectively.

Artist Bio

Ganesh and Kumaresh – the violin duo, known as artists, musicians, performers, composers, directors, producers, researchers and teachers, consider themselves students of life and Music. They have been performing as a duo for nearly 50 years. They have performed in almost all the major Music and Art Festivals throughout the world and have left an indubitable mark in the mind of the audience, connouciers, musicians, scholars and the laymen alike. They have been trendsetters. They have inspired the generation-next and have clearly taken up the art and the sound of Indian violin to very new dimensions.

The brothers, who are hailed as ‘Child Violin Prodigies’, gave their first public performance in the year 1972, when Ganesh was just 7 years and Kumaresh 5 years. The brothers completed their 100th performance by the year 1977. Since then, the brothers have performed in different places in India and in a number of countries across the globe. The brothers have carved a niche for Indian instrumental music with their impeccable and remarkable technique both in playing the instrument and in interpreting the musical forms. They have created a unique identity for violin by creating and performing Violin specific compostions.

Trained by their father and Guru Shri T. S. Rajagopalan, a veteran violinist, Ganesh Kumaresh completed their hundredth stage appearance before the younger brother was ten years of age. By the time they were into their teens, they were performing with the veterans in the musical field.

Ganesh Kumaresh are today a much honored and widely traveled musical team. They have made inspirational and exhilarating forays into world music teaming up with such luminaries as Dr. Balamurali Krishna, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Vikku Vinayakaram, Late Valangaiman Shanmugasundaram,A R Rehman, John Mclaughin, Illayaraja, Rajan Mishra, Sajan Mishra, Umalayapuram Sivaraman, Palghat Raghu, T K Murthy, A K Palanivel, Steve Thornton, Louis Banks, Trilok Gurtu and the list is truly long.

Their deep-rooted strength in playing Carnatic Music in the traditional way has made them the favourites with the purists as well as the uninitiated. Their aesthetic approach in connecting the true sound of classical music with the contemporary thought process and their unique skill in adapting the multifaceted possibilities of the instrument, the innovative and scholarly approach in their presentation has made their music very appealing and attractive to audience across the globe. Having performed in several top notch global festivals, their creative idiom is international in nature and their communication through music crosses all boundaries. Their musical caliber is recognized worldwide. They have been responsible in making violin, which was all along considered a mere accompanying instrument, occupy the centre stage of a concert platform.

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