Grupo Sonhus Teatro Ritual presents...

Lost in Translation Live in Kirkland

  • Friday, February 1, 2019 7:00PM
  • All Seats: $30.00

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If you have ever been lost–in love or in transit, in a conversation or in a translation… if someone has told you something you did not understand first, then you should have fun with this musical comedy stand up with special guests, dance, mime and other surprises–those that will thrill and amuse you on a night of celebration of the world of pop culture with the artist Fernando Rocha of the Sonhus Teatro Ritual Group coming from Brazil.

Artist Bio

Actor, singer, director, producer and theatre teacher, Nando Rocha is one of the founders of the Teatro Ritual Group, graduated in performing arts and post-graduated as Master in theatre both by the Federal University of Brazil. Published the book “The Ritual of the Actor in Group – The Training of Actors as Collective Culture”. His experience as an actor begins in a self-taught way, reading theories and practicing theater on stage, learning in front of the public, even studying with the director and other masters in his country in other countries where he has been expanding his references and sources. From there he did not stop researching and investing in his training. On trips for at least 30 different cities in Brazil and then in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Japan, USA, Colombia and Argentina attended workshops and advisors with great Masters and continues to maintain Exchanges and participating in courses and workshops. He was a professor of theater for 20 years, ministered several courses, workshops and projects of spectacle Assembly, in addition to collecting several awards in his artistic career. Today he serves as director of the Sonhus Group Ritual Theatre and the Sonhus Space (headquarters of the group in Brazil).

The Sonhus Teatro Ritual Group was founded in 1996, in the city of Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil. It is coordinated by the actors-researchers Nando Rocha, Pablo Angelino, Jô de Oliveira and Lorrana Flores, besides other components of the production team, technical and creative team. It develops its own language based on procedures and techniques of physical theatre, Mimica, contemporary dance, clown art, dramatic folk dances and western and Oriental Theatre-dance.

Spectacles tend to be fruits of long creative processes, often with invited directors as collaborators in the Assembly of new shows. The group emerged in an educational environment, in the Lyceu de Goiânia, and this fact marked the continuity of its trajectory, interfering in the aesthetics, ethics and principles of all actions and productions promoted by the group, always interconnected directly or indirectly in a The process of elaborating the artistic experience, both in the formation of other artists and in the formation of new connoisseurs of scenic art.

Since 2005 it promotes annually the “Encounter of Creators Actors” with workshops, lectures, debates and presentations of referential artists, with the participation of renowned artists nationally and internationally. From 2011 onwards, it also develops a social work of formation as a cultural point through its project “Village of the Arts”, encouraging entrepreneurship in the arts of theater, cinema, and behind the scenes of art. In his trajectory he conducted several exchanges with national and international artists, having circulated in Brazil and other countries, either in creative activities with international collaborators or presenting his repertoire of shows.

Since 2011, he also publishes the Revista Encontro Teatro, where he spreads his artistic researches and several national and international researchers references in the performing arts, especially in the area of theater, dance and mime. In 2013 launched the Space Sonhus, a project of artistic residency in activity in the Lyceu de Goiânia, located in the city center, of mutual Cooperation with the Secretariat of Education, culture and sport.

The Sonhus Teatro Ritual Group completed 20 years of existence in 2016, has been in 8 countries around the world, more than 20 Brazilian cities and collects prizes, shows and the meeting with many people who have undergone their audiences or for their training activities , as in their trainings, workshops and courses.

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