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Maxim Leonidov

  • Sunday, October 16, 2022 7:30 PM
  • Prime: $70.00
  • Choice: $60.00
  • VIP: $85.00

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Maxim Leonidov is a Soviet, Russian, and Israeli musician, singer, actor, songwriter and TV host. Born on February 13, 1962, Leningrad, he graduated from the Glinka Choral School at the Leningrad State Academic Capella. In 1983 he became one of the founders of beat-quartet Sekret (Maxim Leonidov, Nikolai Fomenko, Andrey Zabludovsky, Alexey Murashov), which become extremely popular in Soviet Union/Russia. After leaving the group in 1989, Maxim Leonidov began his solo career. In 1990, along with his first wife, Irina Selezneva, Maxim immigrated to Israel. Between 1990 and 1996 he lived and worked in Tel Aviv. After the return to St. Petersburg, in addition to his solo career Leonidov restarted his collaboration with Sekret, and in 2012 the musicians began recording new songs together again. Maxim and his family moved back to Israel in May 2022.

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