William Miglino presents...

Movements in Form

  • Friday, August 17, 2018 8:00PM
  • Prime: $76.00
  • All Seats: $36.00

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This performance is designed to give an opportunity for choreographers and dancers to collaborate, create, and share their art. Most of the pieces are premieres, and the others are curated for their unique and explorative nature. This program is designed to show a diversity in style while employing a common theme of relationship dynamics. Choreographers include (subject to change) William Miglino, Christin Call, Kaelyn Lefferts, Cameo Lethem,  Miles Pertl, and David Harvey.

William’s goal as choreographer is to create artwork that invites awareness and insight into systemic relationship dynamics: How the system that created us (our lineage and close relationships) affects us as individuals and the way that we connect outwardly with the rest of the world. As one member of a system shifts, all members shift. How does that look on an individual, familial/community level? How does that shape our culture and society on a macro level? He would like to create a platform from which these dynamics can unfold in the movement, composure, posture, and interaction of each member in the work.

VIP Tickets: $76, rows: C7-21, D6-23, and E5-25. VIP tickets include wine/chocolate reception in the orchestra pit during intermission, as well as eternal gratitude for helping fund our choreographers/dancers.

Early-bird discount on tickets purchased by July 29th: $66 VIP and $26 Regular.

Artist Bio

William Miglino is a Washington native. He studied at Ballet Chicago and danced for Carolina Ballet as well as a number of Chicago-based dance companies. He serves on the faculty of Pacific Northwest Ballet, and previously taught at the School of Ballet Chicago, and Chicago High School of the Arts.  When looking at the climate of performance art in Seattle, William saw a drastic dichotomy. While a small number of dance companies are able to offer a livable wage, there are many performances happening in which dancers are nearly volunteering their time. Although this is a beautiful concept, this trend has created a low standard of compensation. As Artistic Director, he strives to create an environment where artists are respected, appreciated, and financially compensated in a way that honors them, while producing a high-quality performance.

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