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SIFF: Paris Prestige

  • Friday, June 2, 2017 8:30PM
  • Adult: $14.00
  • Senior: $13.00
  • Prime: $12.00

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France | 2016 | 106 minutes | Hame Bourokba

With a pulsing soundtrack and neon-drenched visuals, musicians-turned-filmmakers Hame and Ekoue dive into Paris’s vibrant nightlife scene to tell the story of two brothers with differing views of what the future should be for their family-owned bar.

Set in the iconic district of Pigalle in the heart of Paris, this directorial debut from former rap duo Hame Bourokba and Ekoue Labitey is an energetic display of the capital’s popular life from the perspective of its various inhabitants. After serving time for minor cirimes, Nas (Reda Kateb) comes back to his old neighborhood. Working for his big brother Azerki (Slimane Dazi) in the family bar Le Prestige, he decides to do everything he can to make a name for himself. Always lively, the Pigalle setting is enhanced by a dynamic soundtrack and punchy neon cinematography, perfectly portraying the neighborhood’s heritage and nightlife identity. The central story of brotherhood is endearing, engaging with a profound realism that never succumbs to traditional ex-convict cliches. The result is a compelling family drama led by a bevy of charismatic actors that includes Melanie Laurent (Inglourious Basterds), a welcome feminine addition in this very masculine and stern environment. Paris Prestige is a catchy journey about the desire to fight your way up from the bottom, and live a better life than the one in your past.

Director Biography: With Paris Prestige as their directorial debuts, Hame Bourokba and Ekoue Labitey are well known as Hame and Ekoue, two of France’s most popular rappers. They have both studied cinema and pull from their musical experiences to create a unique soundtrack for Paris Prestige.

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