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Doktor Kaboom! – School Shows

  • Tuesday, April 11, 2017 10:00AM
  • Thursday, April 13, 2017 10:00AM
  • All Seats: $10.00


 Doktor Kaboom! performs original interactive Science Comedy shows for audiences of all ages. Creatively blending theatre arts with the wonders of scientific exploration, Doktor Kaboom! keeps his crowds riveted with interest and rolling with laughter. Join Kaboom! for a sidesplitting journey of increasingly spectacular (and often successful) science experiments designed to involve, excite, educate, and entertain. This show is currently for school groups only.

Look Out! Science is Coming: The original Doktor Kaboom! show in which the good Doktor takes his audience on an educational tour of the modern scientific method, using humor and comedy while demonstrating spectacular applications of the physical sciences. Aimed at grades 4-8.

Topics covered include: safety; pressure and force; simple machines; velocity; application of science to everyday life; the scientific method (hypothesis and experimentation); multiple experimentation; constant discovery of new information and data; definitions: chemical reactions, exothermic, external and chemical formula; mass; air pressure and demonstration vs. experimentation.

Tickets are $10, but are free for students who qualify for free and reduced lunch. For reservations please contact the box office at (425)893-9900.


Artist Bio

Doktor Kaboom is the creation of actor/comedian David Epley.

David grew up expecting to be a research physicist. Then a biomedical engineer. Then a mathematician, an astrophysicist, a chemical engineer, a marine biologist. So, of course, he became an actor.

For almost 30 years David has written, directed, and performed original comedy shows throughout the US, and around the world. Outdoor festivals and street performance were his primary venues of choice, with an occasional stage show thrown in for good measure. In 2006 David decided to bring science, his first passion, back into his life. Blending science and theatre has been a dream come true, opened multiple doors, and led to the most fulfilling work of his life.

Teaching, inspiring, and empowering the minds of our youth, and reminding their parents to be an active part of the equation. How could someone’s work be any more rewarding?

David is a veteran of the US Army, and a former Firefighter and EMT. He calls Seattle home, where he lives and loves with his wife and their two wonderful daughters.

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Box Office: 425.893.9900