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SIFF: The Man

  • Sunday, June 4, 2017 8:15PM
  • Adult: $14.00
  • Senior: $13.00
  • Prime: $12.00

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Denmark | 2017 | 94 minutes | Charlotte Sieling

World-famous artist Simon is the king of the Danish art scene, but his confidence is shaken when long-lost son Caspar reappears and begins to eclipse his father in Charlotte Sieling’s stylish and heartfelt story of learning to look past the male ego and let love rule.

Masculinity is becoming an increasingly vague concept, an idea Danish filmmaker Charlotte Sieling explores in her latest film. Simon is an artist, one who unabashedly embraces the artist archetype. He’s not traditionally masculine in any sense—his personality is as outrageous as his wardrobe. But this doesn’t stop him from being the man. However, when his distant adult son Casper shows up, Simon loses confidence: Not only is he reminded of leaving the woman he loved and the crippling regret that followed, Casper may even be the better artist. In The Man, reserved Danish humor meets larger-than-life characters, making for a memorable experience. The sets are every bit as modernist as you’d expect the Copenhagen art scene to be; understated Danish design is a hallmark of the film. The Man is a stylish film, but, more important, a poignant one. As Simon’s relationship with Casper is slowly redeemed, he once again redefines masculinity, putting his ego aside and allowing himself to love.

Director Biography: Charlotte Sieling spent her early days on the other side of the camera, launching her career as an actress in the late 1980s. She segued into directing in 2000, beginning with television and leading to her first feature film, Above the Street, Below the Water, in 2009. The Man is her second feature film.

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