Jairo Chang, dba Joe Strong Productions presents...

The Open Natural Bodybuilding Championship

  • Saturday, July 22, 2023 5:00 PM
  • Adult: $39.00

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What can bodybuilders achieve without steroids? Come watch a group of men and women of different levels compete for the “2023 Open Natural Bodybuilding Champion” title, awarded by Cardillo Weight belts. Each of the winners in the categories of Men’s Physique, Bikini, Figure, Classic Physique and Open Bodybuilding will be tested via urinalysis for banned athletic performance-enhancing drugs. So, every competitor at this event will be on the same level playing field. The Open Natural is a fun, family-friendly event with surprises from our sponsors.

We’d like to make a difference in the sport of bodybuilding by motivating gym goers, spectators, and aspiring athletes to live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle and change their lives for good, which is what all sports are ultimately about. Please join us, cheer for your favorite athletes, and have fun in our photo booth!

Artist Bio

The Open Natural is an initiative of Jairo Chang, dba Joe Strong Productions. Originally from Colombia, Jairo worked with the South American Powerlifting Federation to eventually transition into natural bodybuilding. Since the late 1990’s, he’s been involved with bodybuilding as a coach, competitor and volunteer in multiple sanctioned events. “I’m a believer of drug testing as a means to putting bodybuilding back in sync with health and quality of life, and making it an appealing sport to spectators,” says Jairo.

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