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Vaudeville Etiquette

  • Saturday, January 26, 2019 8:00PM
  • All Seats: $31.00

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Vaudeville Etiquette serves up psych-folk with grit, passion, and come-hither wit. The Seattle quintet fills timeless melodies with modern lyrics, heady harmonies, and a potent classic rock chemistry.

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Artist Bio

After two years touring, writing, and blissfully surfing the sepia-toned wave that was our first album Debutantes & Dealers, Vaudeville Etiquette is taking the party to Aura Vista Motel.

Aura Vista Motel, our sophomore album, will be released on May 6th, 2016. It’s deeper and darker than Debutantes, but in that way that makes you feel fearlessly optimistic and virile, like walking through the city late at night after a hard rain.

The new album gets its name from the motel that once occupied an infamous stretch of Highway 99 in Seattle. In its heyday, here was a motorist’s utopia, filled with a thriving middle class that was ready to explore America, traversed by the likes of Kerouac and Salinger, and full of romantic intrigue and possibility. Today, it’s a forgotten relic, a notoriously seedy stretch of road that attracts violence, drugs, prostitution, and one 5-piece folk-rock band that relentlessly believes in its spirit and potential.

What used to be the Aura Vista Motel is now where we write, rehearse, celebrate, argue, hone our music, and shoot our videos. It’s the Vaudeville Etiquette headquarters, it’s haunted, and it’s the catalyst behind all that we do. You can hear it on this record, as each song plays like a guest in a different room; separate but united by our wayfaring desires and sordid expectations.

“Crosseyed Crazy” is a playful romp through the exploits of mischievous love and “Damn Lovely” is a languid ballad, best consumed on a hot summer night in very little clothing. Songs like “Tipping Point” expand from a blues-driven anthem into a Zeppelin-inspired cosmic jam where we take a break from structure to build an explosive groove before boot stomping our way home again. “Aura Vista” is a drug-fueled escapade cruising the storied roads between Los Angeles and Mexico. Softer moments on the record come from tracks like “Empty Hands,” inspired by the true rags-to-riches-to-rags story of Vivian Nicholson (Google her, seriously) and “Leaving Song” a lamenting lullaby for the working class. In each room a different story; in each room a different spirit.

We welcomed producer Shawn Simmons to the motel early on. His knack for honing an intrinsic Seattle sound in the work he’s done with bands like The Head and The Heart and Lemolo was exactly what this record needed. He pushed us to create unique arrangements and employ unconventional recording and burrito-eating techniques that take the sounds on this album and gracefully elevate them to a psychedelic whirlwind, then down to an intimate lullaby and back around again. He’s a joy to work with and a hero at the helm.

Over the course of 26 intense days and very late nights at Studio Litho in Seattle, WA, we laid the songs of Aura Vista to 2-inch tape and eventually onto the record that we’re absolutely delighted to release to you.

Play Aura Vista Motel on late nights, behind the wheel of your car, volume up, windows down, and drive somewhere dark that makes you feel like you’ve got the whole world ahead of you.

Vaudeville Etiquette is:

Bradley Laina- vocals, guitar

Tayler Lynn- vocals, percussion

Matt Teske- pedal steel, mandolin

Robin Croen- bass

Bryce Gourley- drums

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Genre Tags: Bluegrass, Folk, Indie Folk, Rock

Sponsored by: Jeff Cole & Chris McKenzie, Sandy & Glenn Peterson

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