Thanks for hosting your event at Kirkland Performance Center! In order to include your event on our website and in promotion, we need these graphic assets below. For best results, reach out to a graphic designer to get these professionally made. Great collateral content really does make a big difference!


1080px x 1920px image  (jpg or png)

Looks best with a simple image + show title. Used for the event page sidebar, plus vertical social media story posts.

930px x 600px  image with NO TEXT (jpg or png)

This is the main image our website feature carousel – place subject slightly to the right of center for the best visibility, as the lower left side is overlaid with the event title

200px x 105px  image  (jpg or png)

This is for the thumbnail on the right hand side of our website feature carousel – EITHER show logo or basic image (click screenshot for more detail)




1080px x 1080px image  (jpg or png)

Used for social media posts + email campaigns. Looks best with show image, title, and date.

11in x 17in Event Poster  (300dpi PDF)

If available, to potentially include your event in print promotion.

Other hi-res graphics  (jpg or png)

We always like to also have access to the highest-resolution images you have, in case we want to include your event in large print or banner ads.

If you have any questions about graphic needs, please email KPC Studios director Aaron Sternke at